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Art should tell YOUR story.

We are a transformative art studio

for artists, beginners, and everyone in between

Explore your inner artist
Create your masterpiece
Connect with friends
Re-imagine date night

We believe that there's an artist deep inside every single one of us, and to set that artist free, we lead with curiosity. There's something magical about our studio that will help you find your inner artist!

You don't have to be Picasso to create something beautiful. At Happy Accidents you'll discover you're capable of more than you ever dared to imagine.

The amount of encouragement and support you'll find when you walk through our door is uplifting. You may walk in with one friend but you'll leave with many more!

Art tells a personal story... why not work together to tell yours?! Bring a significant other, spouse or best friend and work together to capture on canvas those special moments throughout your relationship.

             The world is full of silver linings... 
               we're here to help you make them shine.
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